Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bradford Bonzo - Our Latest Hero

Denholme in Bradford appears to be suffering from litter and dog fouling. Chris Murdoch, the ward coordinator for Bingley and Bingley Rural Wards, is very clear about these issues. In her video, she makes instant reference to dog fouling. A touching transcript of the relevant video can be read here.

The chief weapon in her arsenal is "Bradford Bonzo" (BB). BB teaches the children in a local school about the dangers of dog fouling. It's really interesting to see how times have moved on. When I was younger, we were taught how to cross the road in safety. Now, it appears, crossing the road is no longer an issue as long as your shoes are clean when you reach the other side. Never mind the dangers of the traffic!

Let's all get behind BB and ensure that we "bag it and bin it in Denholme"


Silly Billy said...

Dear God, what are they teaching our kids in our schools these days. Next you will be telling me is that they can take an A level in dog fouling!!!

Peter Arronsen at 31 Aug 2010, 21:10:00 said...


That is actually not a bad idea. If nothing else, it means that I could go to night school and actually obtain a qualification!

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