Monday, August 23, 2010

One more shit and the dog gets it.

Blimey, now everyone is at it - using "shock" tactics to try and stop dog fouling taking place in their town.

Forget Hastings - Gary Hackett from Paignton, South Devon has gone one step further and is threatening to shoot any dog he finds fouling his pitch & putt course!!

Gary Hackett said he picks up about 21 dog deposits a day(!!) from his greens at Roundham Gardens.
Now, he has put up hard-hitting posters showing a dog with a gun to its head.
The posters, designed by Gary's son Adam, 19, have caused some alarm. One holidaymaker has said she will not return to the gardens because of them.

But Gary has defended his decision to put up the posters saying he wants irresponsible dog owners to take notice.
He even keeps a dog-dirt diary and has resorted to individually sign posting doggy deposits to shame lazy owners.

Gary, 49, said: "I hope people would see the poster as a joke. But I have to get my message across because I am at my wits end. I am sick of clearing up other people's dog mess which is damaging my greens."

Gary has been branded a dog hater by some walkers in the park. But Gary said he loves dogs and has two of his own on site most days — Thomas the cocker spaniel and Henry the shih tzu.

"I even provide water for people's dogs and I'll give them a treat at the hut. All I ask is that people clear up after their pets and keep them under control."
Gary, who leases the green from the Torbay Coast and Countryside Trust, said that he has even found mess in the putting holes!

He said: "The day dog-walkers blame the night dog-walkers and the night walkers blame the day. I have even camped out at night to try and catch them at it."

If a dog can get a hole in one with one of its shits, then don't shoot it Gary, put it on the stage :-)


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