Thursday, August 12, 2010

Poole Council Takes Advice From This Site

Over 12 months ago, while advertising"National Poop Scoop Week", this site celebrated the idea formed by John Wood, Sherwood Forest Community Ranger. John had decided to paint piles of dog excrement fluorescent pink to warn members of the public (archive here).

Who would have thought that Poole Council would visit this site and take up the idea? After finding some 200 piles of mess in an alley near Poole High School, the council has decided to paint the deposits green.

Opposition Lib Dem Councillor Brian Clements described this as a "bizarre thing to do". Shaun Robson, head of environmental services, stated; "unfortunately, we have a small minority that don't seem to get the message", the emphasis is mine. Brian seems to have missed the hidden humour in his statement.

I now regard my Poole vases as being even more valuable. I suggest the following strap line:

Mess With Poole And We'll Paint Your Stool!

Full article here.


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