Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Snodland Goes Cleaner

Snodland is to be found in North Kent. As many residents and visitors will observe, Snodland cannot be flushed! Therefore, an alternative approach is required. This is where the "Snodland Goes Cleaner" campaign comes into its own.

In 2008, the local partnership ran a "caught doing right" initiative, whereby dog walkers were rewarded if found picking up after their dogs.

Following this raging success, the stated plan for 2010 is to "focus on dog fouling in the town". The campaign has kicked off with a number of innovative posters. While I think that every one of these posters is an example of stunning artistic taste and imagination, I will reproduce just one below (and I never realised that dogs could read):

The real highlight of this campaign must, however, be the bone shaped, refillable dog poo bag carriers, which can be attached to your dog's lead or collar. Is there no end to the efforts being made to keep the streets of Snodland clear? The picture below says it all.

See all the brilliant posters here.


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