Friday, August 06, 2010

Dog Fouling Meets With An ASBO

Margaret Strathearn

Have a look at the picture above and ask "would you argue with Margaret"? Then, imagine that she is accompanied by a large German Shepherd. I have no hesitation in stating that I would think twice. If you feel that way also, then you would indeed be wise!
Margaret lives in Lower Addiscombe Road in Croydon. She decided, however, that she would exercise her dog outside two nearby blocks of flats. She allowed her dog to defecate all over the garden. When this was pointed out to her, she replied with a torrent of abuse. As one elderly resident put it: "there's nothing we can do. Her arms are twice as big as my waist. She could take a grown man down". Once again, I refer you to the picture.
Full marks, however, to Croydon council antisocial behaviour unit. They warned her, they filmed her, they obtained an interim ASBO (antisocial behaviour order). This site has seen the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act used to combat dog fouling (archive here), now we see an interim ASBO being granted. This is progress indeed.
Croydon Today points out that Margaret lives in a block of flats and any act against her could distress others living there. Would this include excrement through her letter box? This is, of curse, a purely rhetorical question as, here at Dog Fouling and Red Rubber Bands, we could never condone or encourage such an act, I cannot stress that enough!
I leave you with the words of councillor Dudley Mead: "To use dog fouling as a way of antagonising and upsetting others is both repulsive and bizarre". Amen to that, Dudley!
Full article here.


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