Friday, August 20, 2010

Hastings And "Foul" Language, Right Or Wrong? You Decide!

Hastings council has adopted a radical approach to shocking the public into appreciating the dangers of dog fouling. As the examples below clearly demonstrate, they have resorted to the use of "foul" language.

As it states on the Hastings Council website; "Dog mess on the streets and in parks is one of our residents' major concerns and we take it very seriously which is why we're launching a hard hitting campaign over the rest of the Summer."

The BBC website reports a local resident as saying; "What kind of impression does this give of the town? And for children - I don't want to be explaining to children why they can't use that word but it's ok to see it on posters."

So there we see a public united in opposition to dog fouling but divided on the use of language. Ultimately, it is for you, our readers, our public, to decide.

Here at Dog Fouling and Red Rubber Bands HQ, we have debated the issue at length. After much soul searching and detailed argument, we have decided that it is funny! Anything, which is funny and opposes the menace, which runs through our streets, is ok by us.

Meanwhile, if you go to Hastings, it is clearly awash if this poster campaign has been declared to be necesary. Therefore, go ready to clean your shoes before returning to your chosen form of transport.
Do not leave with haste from Hastings!

Hastings article here.
BBC article here.


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