Thursday, June 09, 2011

While we are on the subject of white dog shit ...

White dog shit is obviously something our readers feel strongly about. Less than 24 hours after Peter had posted White Dog Poo - A Reprise  and our inbox was full of emails from readers thanking us for reminding them about their childhood and the "good old days" of white dog shit.

Brendan Smyth - Marion, Alabama, USA; "Our school was so poor that the teachers used to use hard white dog poop as chalk in lessons."

Sally Onepenny - Shieldfield, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK; "Standing in white dog shit never made a mess of your shoes like this modern day stuff."

But a big thank you goes out to Adam Nussbaum - Feces de Abaixo, Spain who sent in this truly magical clip from Step Brothers which shows what fun kids can make with white dog shit lying around in their playground.


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