Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dog Fouling, Racism and Religious Prejudice

As all our regular and avid readers will be aware, here at Dog Fouling and Red Rubber Bands HQ we oppose any type of bad behaviour. In particular, we have no time for prejudice of any kind, racial, religious or otherwise.

That is why we were so shocked at the content of the video shown below. Dog fouling in itself is little more than a manifestation of evil, potentially heralding the end of civilisation as we know it! That said, the prejudicial comments made by both parties in this video stunned us.

I was also very taken with the discussion regarding whether or not the creator of this work of art was taking pictures.

This is further evidence that dog fouling is not only vile but has the potential to divide communities. Either that or the two people in this video need to go to their local supermarket and buy a life each, possibly getting a discount for a bulk purchase.

I hope that nobody needs counselling after viewing this work of art.


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