Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Children Come On Board In Cardiff has been waging a war on dog fouling.

They realise that the way forward is to educate the young. Clearly an educated youth today means a clean pavement tomorrow!

As a consequence of their campaign, the following idea evolved.

Charity "People Around Here" toured seven primary schools with Labrador Megan, the star of the anti-dog fouling campaign, where they conducted interactive assemblies. The pupils were then asked to draw a comic strip, starring Megan, and the winners would be printed on a leaflet delivering the message to hundreds of homes around Adamsdown.

As ten-year-old Brandon Hadley, from Adamsdown Primary, said: “Many of the places I’ve been have dogs’ mess over the pavement and it’s not very nice.

People who have dogs should try and help by picking it up, but they can’t be bothered. If I had a dog I would pick it up.”

The end result is a series of cartoons highlighting the problem. Having looked at the cartoons, I am reassured that the problem is coming to an end. Just as "Neighbourhood Watch" stickers prevent burglary, so will these cartoons make dog owners more responsible!

I am, however, worried by the closing observation in the article, which reads as follows:"Waste management officers who catch dog owners walking away from their dog’s deposit will face an on-the-spot fine of £75". This is rather harsh on the waste management officers and is hardly an incentive for anyone to take on the job!

Article and cartoons here.


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