Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Stirling Council Invites Us To "Have A Look At How Granny and Thistle The Dog Do It"!

Now I wouldn't blame anyone for thinking that this title heralded an excursion into the world of pornography of the vilest kind! Thankfully, this is not the case. It merely lets us know that Stirling Council has launched a full on attack against the menace of dog fouling!

A theme emerging of late is the use of music as an educational medium. This post is no exception. Here, we have background music accompanying the activities of a very unconvincing grandmother and her Scottie (well, it is Stirling and, therefore, appropriate to use a Scottie dog).

It is heartening to learn from the article that, in Stirling, you can put dog excrement in your own bin. Personally, I would do all I could to fill mine every fortnight!

The highlight of this blog entry must be the way "Granny" uses the dog to fire excrement at the bin as a child might use a catapult. A truly innovative, visual reminder of the need to clear up.

Read the article here and don't forget to watch the video!


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