Friday, June 03, 2011

dGrade - A UK Company Working For You!

As we are aware, dog fouling is an issue worldwide but nowhere more so than in the UK. Therefore it is particularly pleasing to find a UK based company selling a UK, biodegradable product; in this instance poo bags!

dGrade is a company working for you! These dog poop bag holders are available from the company to host your biodegradable bags and their heaving contents:

Their site says it all. They have starch based biodegradable bags and economy bags. 2,000 starch based bags will cost you £70. This works out at 3.5 pence per bag.

Now a roll of toilet paper costs about 50p for 100 sheets. On a visit by visit basis, the poo bags clearly represent good value.

I hope that this small bit of advertising will result in at least one sale of bags this year.

This is a UK company. Use them and keep Britain Great!

Website here.


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