Saturday, June 05, 2010

How very continental.

Brilliant little story in the West Wickham Residents Association Summer 2010 Newsletter entitled, quite simply, "Dog Litter Bins".

It starts off sensibly enough with a heartfelt plea from a local resident concerned about "the copious amount of dog litter on the pavements of West Wickham", requesting the council install more dog litter bins.
I love the word "copious". It really conjures up an image of streets covered in a plentiful, abundant, profuse, large in quantity and never ending amounts of dog faeces

Very soon the local ward councillor - Nicholas Bennett - gives his opinion and suggests that "continental style" dog areas are adopted by the council.
By adding the word "continental" to his description he has left us with a romantic, cosmopolitan, European Café image of his proposed new look dog areas.

Having just come back from France and seen their "continental" dog areas, there is nothing nice about them.
They are basically large public cat litters but for dogs (if that makes sense). You take your dog to the sandpit and wait until it does its business. You don't need to pick up. The one I photographed below, was right outside someones front door. The smell was terrible, not to mention the flies.

Does it still look continental Mr Bennett?

The article then finishes with a quote from an anonymous resident:

"I am incensed that dog owners actually think it is OK to leave their dog's mess lying around ... I'm sure they wouldn't be happy if I let my toddler drop his trousers and do his business outside their house with no intention of clearing it up."

If we had continental style toddler areas then maybe we could let them do this and everyone would be happy.


Peter Arronsen at 5 Jun 2010, 20:55:00 said...

While we are not political on the blog, I feel I really should point out that Cllr Bennett would not be happy with this post. Why not? Simple, you have failed to acknowledge that Cllr Bennett is a JP! Those of us,who have had the pleasure of listenig to good old Nick can tell you that he cannot announce himself without reference to his "JP" status, which is listed on the Bromley Council website as how he wishes to be adressed:
He misses off references to being a defeated MP:

It's lucky that Nick represents a ward, where a steaming dog turd would be elected as long as it had the endorsement of the local Conservative party.

I say "let's all get behind Nick, let's see a Continental style dog area right outside his house!"

Johnique.Chucks at 8 Jun 2010, 06:48:00 said... are you/ i was wondering if you could did you make the sub pages? on the nav bar?

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