Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tameside, Greater Manchester, Takes Action!

Dogs in many Tameside parks must now stay on short leads.

Tameside council has made it unlawful to use extending dog leads.
Dog owners are facing £1,000 fines if they take their pets to some Greater Manchester parks on a long lead. The ban on leads longer than 2m (6ft 5ins) applies to dozens of parks and open spaces in Tameside. Council bosses have argued that owners are more likely to clean up after their pets if they are on a short lead.
Their commitment to tackling this really serious crime is commendable. This ticket happy council proudly boasts that last year it issued 66 fixed penalty notices for dog fouling, more than double the amount (29) in 2008. Frankly, this will really teach dog owners a lesson.
What I cannot understand is the exact logical thread, which suggests that dog fouling is less likely to take place when dogs are on a shorter lead. Is that perhaps owners will not be able to take the stench from close up? Is that owners will carry corks to insert into their dogs until they get home or is it that somebody has made a mindless decision after a heavy session down the local? Who knows? All I know is that the fight is still on and that serious crime remains the focus.
Read the article here.


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