Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Tarring Turd Burglar.

Things are getting tougher all the time. What with unemployment on the rise, pay freezes, increased VAT & reduced benefits. Its enough to make our young men frustrated & angry and drive them to crime ...

That's exactly what a young man has done in Worthing in Sussex, UK but in a way that has surprised even our most crime hardened police. Is this something that we should be warning others about ?

Picture the scene.

Its a lovely sunny Sunday morning in June and a local pensioner is out walking her dog near the Post Office in the High Street in Tarring, West Sussex. She has just cleaned up after her dog and is carrying the offending item in a poo bag.

All of a sudden a young man appears on a bike, cycling at speed towards her. Too late to react, he grabs the bag from her hand and cycles off never to be seen again.

The bag-snatcher on a bicycle pinched a bag of dog poo from the elderly dog-walker!

A spokeswoman for Sussex Police said, "A teenager on his pushbike came past her and snatched the bag, perhaps thinking that there was something of value inside ... the lady was not harmed and clearly the thief stole nothing of value."

Police are examining skid marks left at the scene and are appealing for the suspect, who the local press have dubbed the "Tarring Turd Burglar", to come forward.

The shaken pensioner said, "He's a crap crook".

We can laugh all we want, but this true story about a pooper pilferer gives us a faecenating insight into the mind of the credit crunch criminal and should be an early wake up call for the UK Government if considering cutting back on UK Police numbers.

Be careful out there :-)


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