Tuesday, June 08, 2010

If Barry Can Do It, So Can You!

Mr Bassnett said he had picked up about a tonne of dog mess in a year

Barry Bassnett is disabled but he cares. He has made Braunten Burrows in Devon his own. Since the car park on these beautiful sand dunes was closed and the dog waste bins removed, the area has been awash.
Barry, 64, travels around on his disability scooter and clears up the mess. Good for him!

In a statement, North Devon District Council said it had no plans to install dog litter bins, but it reminded dog owners they could face fines and possible court action for allowing pets to foul the area. A council spokeswoman said there are 100 dog bins across north Devon and due to current budgetary constraints it could not provide any more.

This is a clear indication of the ridiculous choices made by those in authority. They are quite happy to spend our taxes on schools, hospitals and helping elderly people but hardly a penny goes on dog waste bins.
Is this really why Britain fought two world wars?
Full article here.


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