Saturday, September 12, 2009

Poover on patrol.

Some people just don't give up no matter what the world throws back at them. They have one goal and they keep going for that goal with increased determination and purpose.

Islington Council in London, UK is an organisation with such a vision - a vision where dog fouling is a thing of the past in the streets, parks & open spaces within the Borough of Islington.

Their campaign started in the 1990's with an ambitious series of adverts. Remember the TV advert with the old man defecating on the pavement & the dog turd in a hot dog roll billboard poster ?

Remind yourself of this Saatchi & Saatchi masterpiece here.

The years rolled on, staff at the council changed, but still the vision remained, waiting for a individual to take up the mantle and continue what Saatchi & Saatchi began.

That individual was Councillor Greg Foxsmith - Executive Member for the Environment for Islington Council.

"I want to see a zero tolerance approach to those that allow their dogs to foul the streets", said Cllr Foxsmith, "and for this reason I am now going undercover as a street sweeper to see the problems experienced by our residents myself & to help identify those responsible."

Armed with an array of brushes, brooms & scrapers, Cllr Foxsmith can be seen tackling some of the most stubborn dog fouling stains in his borough.

"By the end of my shift I am really tired", reports Cllr Foxsmith, "some of the dog turds take a lot of hard scraping to remove them from the pavements. It's a never ending job. Dog diarrhea is the worst!"

Whilst admiring his efforts, other councillors have been understandably reluctant to join hands with him and pick up dog faeces. Islington Counil have therefore taken his idea one step further and introduced The Poover to their streets.

The Poover is a spraying, sucking, dog shit devouring machine that sits on the back of a modified 125cc motor cycle. It works by spraying dog faeces with a warm jet of water to loosen it and then removing the mess with a suction mechanism. A fragrant detergent then sterilises the area simultaneously.
Cllr Foxsmith states, "I welcome the use of modern technology towards the problem, but I prefer the hands on approach and will continue cleaning dog shit from our streets the old fashioned way."


Colin at 17 Sept 2009, 17:49:00 said...

Lol, funny post :)

Admittedly I have still to see my first poover :P

Peter Arronsen at 21 Sept 2009, 21:18:00 said...


They will get to Scotland, don't worry!

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