Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Step-by-step instructions

I was out for a walk yesterday when I came upon a dogeared & badly worn, handwritten note that appeared to have been hastily written and stuck to a post by the entrance to the park.

The note clearly listed step-by-step instructions and was entitled, "How to pick up dog poo". Clearly the author was trying to make a point as the park was laid out like a minefield of dog faeces!

It read :

1. Take several plastic bags with you when you take your dog for a walk,

2. When your dog stops & starts to smell the ground - get out a bag cause you are going to need it soon.

3. Put your hand in the bag, grab the dog poo from the ground and lift it up.

4. Turn the bag inside out (still holding the poo), tie and put in the bin.

5. Continue enjoying the walk with your dog.
6. Repeat as necessary and stop messing the park for the rest of us !

Sounds easy, but why do so few people clean up after their dog ?

To give you an idea what it is like to walk in a park covered with doggy doo have a play of this game and very quickly you will see what damage a few dogs can do to a green open space in only a few short minutes if left to their own devices.

Will you take a stand and clean up the park or will you just turn the other cheek and let it all wash over you?

Best I can do is a £70 fine - how about you :-)


Peter Arronsen at 3 Sept 2009, 18:52:00 said...

Very hard with a laptop, I can only get 2. I think I need to try again with a mouse.

Colin at 17 Sept 2009, 17:52:00 said...

I scooped 4... Achievement! :0

Nurka at 24 Sept 2009, 07:36:00 said...

me fined 40 :)

FreeSpiritChick at 4 Oct 2009, 10:05:00 said...

LMAO GRRRRRSSS :-s I tried 3 different times but those mutts kept making a HUGE MESS :-O $110 fine everytime :-(

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