Sunday, September 20, 2009

Eastern Europe shows the way.

Readers of this blog will by now be acutely aware how dog fouling isn't just a UK problem it's a GLOBAL problem.

From the city gent in New York to the Aboriginal hunter in Australia, from the Eskimo in the Arctic to the English Sunday league footballer, they have all got one thing in common - they have all stood in a dog turd and cursed the very ground these animals walk on.

This blog is littered with the campaigns, the initiatives, the "get tough" stories & the "zero tolerance" approaches that countries from around the world have tried & tried again.

But two countries stand head and shoulders above the rest of the world in their efforts to rid their streets of the steaming menace - Slovenia & Slovakia.

The first example is from Slovakia where dog fouling has progressed from a lowly number 2, to the top of the public polls of things that Slovakian's fear the most.

Their TV adverts put the rest of our feeble efforts to shame.

A few hundred miles away in Slovenia they have a different approach to the problem.
A recent advertising campaign instilled local pride in the cities parks & open spaces and managed to persuade several hundred citizens to meet up on Sundays & collect dog mess in their neighbourhoods.

So successful was the campaign that it won 2 Gold & 1 Silver medal at this years Slovenian Advertising Festival and has now been rolled out across Slovenia.

Now every Sunday you can find families, the young & the old gathering dog shit together with a sense of Slovenian pride.

How do we do this in the UK ?


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