Monday, September 28, 2009

Pavement Art

Since Peter Arronsen's recent post on dog fouling signs on pavements, I have been inundated with examples of pavement art from our readers from all around the UK.

The idea appears to have originated from John Wood's tactic of spraying dog faeces bright pink.

I could see why some councils were reluctant to follow his luminous lead - but it now appears that pavement spray painting is the tactic of choice for many local authorities in the UK.

I was walking near to St Johns Railway Station in Lewisham Borough, UK yesterday when I found this beautiful example of street art that easily beats the example found in Crayford.

The clarity and attention to detail is just amazing. You can almost feel the heat emanating from the dogs recently deposited load!
Josephine Cloggs found this one in Dartford Town Centre, Kent. Very similar to that found by Peter in Crayford recently but in much better condition.

After that there was no stopping the spray painted signs coming into our inbox. Staffordshire, Devon, Manchester & Bristol - it appears you have all seen one.
I can't include them all, but you get the message - pick it up, clean it up, bag it up!

All the pictures you have sent me have one thing in common - they use a picture of a dog (obviously!!) to get their message across.

This next example from Glasgow goes away from the classic canine image but still gets the message across beautifully.

Get the message ?


Dingo Breath said...

Is it only an offence for a dog to do a shit inside the red circle or outside the red circle ?

Jenno at 29 Sept 2009, 21:08:00 said...

I wish my neighbors would pick up their dogs' shit around my house. It's absolutely maddening that even though I don't own a dog (I'd like to, but not here) I'm always stepping in THEIR messes. I might have to put hot pink painted poopies on their porches from here on out.


Unknown at 30 Sept 2009, 02:28:00 said...

im having a difficult time choosing a favorite. coincidentally, my choices are pink poo and my favorite swear, cnut. first and last. yin yang.
balance the shit.

Just another cloud in the BIG blue sky at 30 Sept 2009, 02:30:00 said...

I must admit the spray paint idea is genius!i live in New york and im sad to say that they have those sighns at well...even say fines and all but nobody cares at all...thats here in NY though...i heard its pretty clean over there!

Peter Arronsen at 30 Sept 2009, 13:52:00 said...

What I really like about this is the way, in which it has united us across the Atlantic. To misquote slightly St Francis of Assisi, "where there is fouling, may we bring harmony"!

The Glasgow approach has, as ever, gone straight to the point. Is this where England and America are going wrong?

Peter Arronsen at 3 Oct 2009, 18:53:00 said...

For the record, I am very fond of our American friends. They are welcome here!

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