Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Excellent Move By Bexley Council.

All visitors to this site will undoubtedly have spent much of their time spotting "dog fouling" signs. This is a good use of time.

Indulging in this meaninful exercise, I was pleased to see that Bexley council has decided to avoid the cost of affixing signs to lamp posts. As the new range of "anti-graffiti" style road signs are rolled out, Bexley council is including a logo as shown below.

Just look at this sign and the impact it has. Eventually, everywhere you walk in Bexley, there will be a visual reminder of the need to "clean it up". I am pleased to see this particular sign on a personal level. I have friends in Barnehurst and would hate to think that they live in a toilet.

Brighton is also coming along. They have chosen the option of placing a combined invitation on their litter bins.

This could, however, be a bit confusing. For example, does it mean that I should collect dog faeces from everywhere just to take them to the centre of Brighton? Who knows? Perhaps a solution would be to gather up the dog faeces from Bexley, take it to Brighton and fill the bins. That way, everybody wins! In the meantime, seal your letterbox!


a dog poo detective said...

On a related note...why do some people 'bag' their dog's poo and then leave the bagged up mess along the path? Is there a poo fairy that I don't know about or are they expecting the filth to be beamed up by aliens?

Peter Arronsen at 20 Sept 2009, 15:16:00 said...

I imagine that it's more a case of making a point. I often bag up some dog poo and scatter the bags around. Until people understand that the bags can be disposed of properly, I will continue.
Thank you for posting this comment. Please continue to help us with the fight!

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