Monday, September 21, 2009

Direct Action

At last, direct action by the public! If we cannot trust our elected representatives to act, then the people will!

I was in Crayford today, which neighbours the borough of Bexley. You will remember my post, where I showed the efforts being made by Bexley coucil. Clearly, this is not replicated in neighbouring Dartford.

Therefore, the people have acted and I saw the image below, which had been spray painted onto a pavement.

The people have spoken. There is no sign here about burglary or robbery. Nothing about serious violence. Let the government wake up and listen! "C" is not for "Crime" but rather "Canine Fouling"!

I feel moved by this outpouring of public support for our cause!


Stamp It Out at 21 Sept 2009, 18:53:00 said...

Looks like a dinosaur laying an egg :-)

Peter Arronsen at 21 Sept 2009, 21:16:00 said...

A good comparison. Imagine the fouling in prehistoric times!

Terri at 23 Sept 2009, 21:05:00 said...

I live Charlton and there's wayyyyyy toooooooo much poo on the pavements. Going to and from the station is like walking through a mine field! I hate it!

Peter Arronsen at 25 Sept 2009, 20:44:00 said...


I think many others would agree that Charlton is a toilet and something should be done about it!

Also, The Last Empress is very interesting.

Kkotaekji at 27 Sept 2009, 01:39:00 said...

Ha! Great photo find!

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