Thursday, July 16, 2009

Well Done Dorking Rugby Club

It is important to tell about the realities of life.

Dorking rugby club did just that to highlight the problem on their pitch:

As far as I am concerned, rugby can be a dangerous sport. Anything, which softens the blow as kids hit the ground has to be for the good.

Anyway, what are washing machines for?


Stamp It Out at 18 Jul 2009, 23:07:00 said...

Gives a new meaning to slide tackle :-)

Peter Arronsen at 19 Jul 2009, 10:22:00 said...

Nothing like returning to the changing rooms absolutely heaving and then having the showers to yourself.

liam o'brien at 2 Sept 2009, 00:20:00 said...

I slid in dogshit once when I was sledging with my friends. I fell off the sledge, and as I slid through the snow I uncovered a previously unseen mr whippy. my mum wasn't happy when I got home with dogshit all down my jeans. the walk home wasn't exactly ther highlight of my life either.

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