Monday, July 27, 2009

Postman Plod - the new menace.

Yet again I wakened up this morning to find a number of discarded red rubber bands strewn across my garden path, along the pavement in front of my house and off down the road.

Obviously the word is out amongst Royal Mail postal workers that Peter Arronsen & I are avid anti-red rubber band activists and that their days of inconsiderate littering will no longer go unnoticed.

I believe it was a cunning trap, set to entice me away from the comfort of my home and into a situation where I would be silenced once and for all by Postman Plod.

If his comic strip in Viz is anything to be believed, I would have received no mercy from this fiend.

Take a good look at him - if you see a man matching his description, walking the streets in the early morning, carrying a bag full of letters & parcels - then you know what to do.

Get your attack in first and make sure he doesn't drop another red rubber band in your neighbourhood again.


Anonymous said...

OK ILL TRY YA SEE THAts what im talking about
why do i have to choose any thing other blogs dont have you do that

harry j

Peter Arronsen at 28 Jul 2009, 18:23:00 said...


Many thanks for that, even if I'm not totally sure what you mean!

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