Friday, July 03, 2009

Death by red rubber band.

Great article in the Mexican online newspaper El Mañana :

"Adriana Martinez Ruiz, aged 14 of Mexico City, died last night after being hit on the head with a paper clip projected by a red rubber band by one of her classmates. Her death is being investigated by the PGJDF (Mexican Police). It is believed the blow to the head caused her to have a seizure and fall, fracturing her skull.

Classmate Amauri Pineda Gutiérrez is currently being investigated for murder."

If this doesn't convince you of the deadly power of a red rubber band then nothing will. Please start challenging your postie now for dropping rubber bands in your street - every one dropped is a potential murder weapon in your child's hands.

Use this simple game to stimulate debate between you & your child of the rights and wrongs of firing red rubber bands and the untold misery they can cause in the wrong hands.


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