Sunday, July 05, 2009

Personal Attack!

The following scene is from my front garden, where we are proud of the flowers.

What is spoiling this scene? "What" you may well ask. Well I'll tell you.


This had been left on my driveway next to the flowers.

I can only assume that my connection with this blog has been made known at the local sorting office. Clearly, they have done this as part of a concerted attack on me, this blog, and all, for which I stand.

They have picked on the wrong person!

I don't go around looking for trouble as long as people leave me alone. I don't drop red rubber bands at the sorting office, why do it to me? I can tell you why, personal spite!

I enjoy a peaceful life but I cannot allow this kind of challenge to go unanswered. I hope to continue posting here for a long time but, if I now experience an unavoidable absence as a result of this impending conflict, then please be advised that I will return.

Somebody has to stand up for the silent majority. Today, I am that somebody!


Stamp It Out at 6 Jul 2009, 22:40:00 said...

Do you want to borrow my rubber band gatling gun to help with your defences ?

Peter Arronsen at 7 Jul 2009, 19:04:00 said...

Yes, an excellent idea. Attack is the best form of defence in these circumsrtances.

Anonymous said...

Bastards! After reading your post I realise that my postman must be picking on me as well

Peter Arronsen at 8 Jul 2009, 21:17:00 said...

Remember, postal workers are people too!

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