Sunday, July 19, 2009

Just leave it, we got it.

Date line: New York City 2005

Three good friends are on the way to the cinema and notice that someone has stepped on a dog poo right next to the queue. One of the friends poured some of his popcorn over the smeared pile to cover it from sight - and from that moment on The Sprinkle Brigade was born.

The Sprinkle Parade has one mission in life - to use dog poo to put a smile on your face! And they do it in the most unusual way...

The boys have a thriving sideline in T shirt & artwork sales and have exhibited their "artwork" in galleries in New York & Lyon. They even have a best selling book, their own line of chocolates, a coat of arms & a motto!

Which just proves that there is profit to be found in dog mess!


liam o'brien at 2 Sept 2009, 00:17:00 said...

haha. thats groce. but il have to admit that their ideas are quite creative.

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