Sunday, July 26, 2009

Poop Freeze.

Forever on the look out for innovative products and new technology that can help make complaints of dog fouling a thing of the past, I was directed by a friend to a new product just on the market that promises to do just that.

Poop Freeze does exactly what it says on the can - it freezes your dogs poop, making it easier to lift & bag.

I've included the Poop Freeze TV Commercial which explains their product better than I ever could.

Couple of things to watch out for (apart from the quality acting) - the lady who says she uses it inside her house when her dog craps on her carpet - HOUSE TRAIN the dog woman !!!

And the man who says people keep walking dog crap into his house and across his carpets - I think they are trying to tell you something mate, you unpopular man !!!

Poop Freeze @ Yahoo!7 Video

If the TV Commercial doesn't sell it to you then how about some of these "real" customer reviews of the product.

Fairly useful, 5 Jul 2009
Wayne Redhart - West Midlands, UK
"It does an excellent job of freezing the exterior of faeces - preventing unpleasant smearing upon harvest. However, the spray cannot penetrate beyond the surface. I like to place my stools in the freezer to finish the job."

Wonderful Product, 13 July 2009
Martin Hash - Dallas TX, USA
"This product is amazing. The best part is when it forms the white, crusty film right before your eyes. It also came in handy recently when grandpa had an accident in the middle of my daughter’s graduation party. Her friends were impressed."

Helps in emergencies, 3 Aug 2008
Melissa Bertrum - Swindon, UK
"My baby daughter suffers from IBS and this helps hugely when she produces quantities of stinky soup across our living room carpet. It is a little expensive for daily use, but is a godsend in emergencies!"

Easy pick up, 10 Jun 2008
Ron Sneebly - New York, USA
"It seems obvious to me that the instructions should include the insertion of a popsicle stick before spraying the can. Then you would not even need a scoop to relocate the poopsicle."

I can think of some better uses for this magnificent product - why waste it on the dogs ?

But I'm sure you have some more interesting ideas - I'd love to hear about them :-)


Peter Arronsen at 26 Jul 2009, 20:41:00 said...

Next time I use a public toilet, I might see how well it works on human faeces. This is a great idea, imagine attempting to flush away a frozen product.

liam o'brien at 2 Sept 2009, 00:05:00 said...

great post man.I especially like the real customers comments.

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