Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Can Dog Fouling Enhance A Relationship?

Well, it certainly can if this smooth working devil is anything to go by. He sees the chance to woo his girlfriend and goes for it. When she vomits, she is clearly registering approval.

I say, "well done, you are an example to men all over the world!"

Girlfriend Nailed with Disgusting Concoction - Watch more Funny Videos


Stamp It Out at 21 Jul 2009, 22:05:00 said...

Dear God - that is disgusting!!! One more post like that Peter and you are banned forever from this blog ... :-)

Peter Arronsen at 22 Jul 2009, 18:45:00 said...

Perhaps this was an over-zealous attempt at recycling!

liam o'brien at 2 Sept 2009, 00:13:00 said...

thats one of the most disgusting things ive ever seen. If that guy did that to me i would of fucked him up!!! I mean jackie chan style FUCKED him up. But then again thats just me worrying about all the smalls things again.. like going blind, and catching diseases.
maybe I'm just a bad sport?

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