Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A balanced view ...

What I love about our readers is the fact that they like to give a balanced view with their thoughts & observations.

On the one hand we have Vince Akuin who uses humour in his artwork to convey his inner most thoughts on dog fouling.

And on the other, we have Desmond Wilson who makes it very clear from his submission to the blog what he wants to do with those who allow their dogs to mess our public areas.

Desmond entitles this piece, "Die! Die! Die! You worthless piece of dog fouling excrement". Which I think truly captures his inner feelings of frustration & anger that we all experience at some time in our life.

Desmond is only allowed to work with finger paints due to the restrictions on possessing sharp or pointed items currently imposed on him by the doctors. He will be eligible for parole in 5 years and is hoping to exhibit some of his other works on his release.

Favourite pieces include, "Drop another red rubber band postie & your testicles are mine" & "Mummy, this chocolate tastes funny".


Peter Arronsen at 19 Jul 2009, 11:03:00 said...

I'm glad he keeps things in proportion, others might have gone too far. Good on him!

liam o'brien at 2 Sept 2009, 00:22:00 said...

haha. I like the title of his painting. Awesome.

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