Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Dog Fouling To Decide The US Presidential Elections

We thank Huffington Post for bringing us this story.
Jim Coniglione is the owner of Scoopy Doo, a dog poop collection service in Long Island, N.Y He has allegedly accurately predicted the results of the last three presidential elections. How has he done this? Simple, by deciding which candidates resemble the most deposits of dog poo.
He opts for Mit Romney being the victor. Why does he conclude this? As he puts it; "I think it's because of the economy. People are giving their dogs cheaper dog food and the dogs are producing more 'product,' and that looks more like Romney."
I can see little resemblance between the deposits shown below and the candidates but perhaps my view of the world is too narrow, you decide!

Jim gives Mitt Romney a "two-turds" majority.
Enjoy the video but visit the link at the end.
Article here.


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