Saturday, October 27, 2012

Diarrhoea Rears Its Head Again

The subject of diarrhoea has hit this board before. The real issue is "how do you clean up diarrhoea after a dog? Is it fair to hold an owner to account when a dog produces a largely liquid deposit?
I don't claim to have a definitive answer but I do know that I recently witnessed such an event on  my estate. I was walking along with my wife. Dog fouling was the last thing on our minds (well, hers anyway, I'm always mulling the topic over to myself!).
On the other side of the road, a gentleman was walking his German Shepherd. The dog decided to let loose (literally) in the middle of the pavement. The gentleman approached with a bag, looked and walked off without clearing up. I went to investigate and found that the German Shepherd had added to a nearby deposit. naturally, I took some pictures.
While I have become accustomed to faeces since jointly managing this blog, even I felt those first tingles of a gag reflex in my throat as I photographed this foul pool of degradation. Prepare yourselves!
I'm sure you can take my point here. The older deposit at the bottom of the picture could have been bagged but how do you get rid of the upper pool?
To help you ponder the subject, here is a close up of this lake of Satan's sputum!
I really can't say anymore!


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