Monday, October 08, 2012

Channel 4 Gets In On The Act

My thanks go again to our operative "The Sussex Avenger" for scouring the TV listings and discovering that Channel 4 is the latest media source to recognise the issue of dog fouling and, more importantly, the positive aspects thereof.
This programme has is it all; it has cow dung, dog excrement and powerful visual images.
The posts on this blog relating to the recycling of dog waste are too many to list here. At last, it seems as if the topic is being taken seriously in the UK. Here, we see cow dung being transformed into electricity on a large scale. Then, we move onto a bag of dog mess. It has to be squeezed into a container and then manually mixed with water. Frankly, I could all but taste it and I'm sure you will as well!
The crowning triumph is when the waste is used to boil a cup of tea. Tea will never taste the same to me again!
The Channel 4 website can be accessed here but why not just go directly to the video below? Afterwards, get practising that massaging technique!

4 comments : at 8 Oct 2012, 20:07:00 said...

And Kevin McCloud has also been working with these folk who are doing much the same thing and you'll get a chance to talk to their MD in January if you sign up to our online conference programme.

Peter Arronsen at 9 Oct 2012, 22:39:00 said...

Thank you for that information. Great to have you on board!

Streetkleen at 8 Dec 2012, 09:07:00 said...

The program was actually filmed with us.....Gary Downie is the MD of Streetkleen and it was filmed at our research and development facility near Wrexham,North Wales.
It is rather graphic, I agree. But clearly demonstrates powering 160 homes from a combination of cow slurry and chicken litter - which incidentally are far less potent at creating biogas than dog waste.
Recently Streetkleen have conducted trials to determine the dry matter content of dog waste that in turn enables us to gauge biogas yield and retention time of dog waste in anaerobic digestion. From these trials we have determined that if we were to capture 20% of the 139 tonnes of dog poo created in Greater London every day we could continually power the London Eye...!!

Peter Arronsen at 12 Dec 2012, 08:56:00 said...

A brilliant idea!

Also, if anyone were frightened by the ride they could explain away any unfortunate smell!

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