Friday, October 19, 2012

Bromley Leads The Way Again!

My thanks go to one of our south east operatives, Operative JWR, for this information.
The London Borough of Bromley has a recreational park called High Elms. Operative JWR recently went there on a dog fouling recce and discovered that the park is a centre of excellence in that it has cast iron dog fouling bins. An example can be seen below.
Even with this magnificent facility, we are sad to report that there is a bag hanging out. I would also be intrigued to see the consequences of following the great British tradition of inserting a firework into the bin. Cordite v cast iron, what a match! That said, we utterly condemn any such behaviour.
Operative JWR's dog saw the bin and was clearly excited by it in some way. Perhaps the colour, perhaps the smell, who knows? We do know that the dog aggressively leaped at the bin and Operative JWR can be seen pulling him away. Imagine the consequences if he had got his snout in! Dogs can vomit, you know!


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