Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Park Lamp Idea Hits The UK

Gary Downie
Many of our regular visitors and followers will remember the Massachusetts project to use dog excrement to fuel street lamps.

I must admit that I thought this would only happen in the US but Gary Downie has proved us wrong and we thank the Mail Online for bringing this to our attention.

Gary was fed up with getting dog faeces on his children's shoes and stroller. Most of us would react by getting a cloth and a hose. Gary was having none of that and reacted by sinking £10,000 of his own money into designing the ‘dog stations’ with his business partner Christopher Dunn, from Ellesmere Port.

There is, however, a real challenge here. Gary and Christopher will have to collect 4 tonnes of faeces every day to pilot the project! I know the problem is bad but 4 tonnes? I can only assume that Gary has scoped out the business case and discovered that there is a locally based breeding centre for St Bernards. If there isn't, then I suggest that he gets a courier firm engaged as soon as possible!

The following simple picture from the StreetKleen site explains it all.

StreetKleen Bio Project

We wish this project well. The company is looking to employ 6 people. Great for the economy but I hope they have large shovels and a face mask each.

StreetKleen site here.

Mail Online here.


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