Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Dog Fouling, Perversion and Law Enforcement

Debryant Banks

I have never met Debryant Banks. His mugshot above does not make him look like a comfortable individual. He is also banned from the campus of the University of Louisiana at Monroe, see here.

It's not for me to judge. That said, he is currently on bail for indecent exposure. It appears that a key piece of evidence against him is dog faeces! We have finally seen dog fouling helping in the fight against crime! The message to all ladies out there is clear - invite those dogs into your gardens and get them fouling under your windows. You know it makes sense!

A news report follows an advert below. When this man chose to break the law it can be said that, on this occasion, he really put his foot in it!

This episode gives a whole new meaning to the expression "you couldn't detect excrement if you were standing in it"!


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