Sunday, June 03, 2012

CCTV Again - They Just Don't Learn!

This blog has now been about for long enough to ensure that everyone is aware of the power of CCTV. Has the lesson be learned? Well, it appears not!

Bob Furnard
Bob Furnad is a man of some repute in his community. Indeed, his profile describes him as Associate Professor at University of Georgia, Chairman at Faith Works Christian Fellowship, Consultant at Intelligent Media Consultants. He lists many other achievements. Strange, then, that he has no concept of how CCTV works!

That said, we have to take our hats off to this gentleman. He does as we have often light heartedly suggested on this blog. He gathers up his dog's excrement (as one should!) and then posts it in his neighbours' mailbox!

The "victims" will not be taking legal action. They have written it off as a prank. Good for them! The news article also makes reference to a CCTV capture previously featured on this blog. We also see a bit of criminal damage where a judge keys his neighbour's car. That's what I call swift and speedy justice!



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