Sunday, June 24, 2012

Cathedral of Praise TV - Lighting the Darkness!!

Every once in a while, a shaft of light sparkles through the darkness! Today, that shaft of light is the Cathedral of Praise!

I have walked in the darkness for too long! I have watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, The Exorcist and even Postman Pat (that cat is truly demonic!). Since watching these programmes, my life has thundered downhill! I now spend my existence in darkness and seek only to become undead, existing in a state of damnation for all eternity as I deliver letters while sinking my fangs into the necks of virgins!

The Cathedral of Praise has changed all that for me. I now realise that Coronation Street is a instrument of darkness - fornication, adultery, violence, theft and frequent parking violations! I won't be watching Euro 2012 anymore - too much spitting! But enough of my personal journey!

I must also congratulate C of P Ministries on the way they have weaved dog fouling into their message. This makes it relevant and pertinent to all of us, especially those, who have ever plastered their carpets!

Stick with the video, it delivers a powerful message and is worth it all for the closing sequence when the agent of Hades is defeated by the power of light - and dog faeces!


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