Wednesday, May 02, 2012

CCTV, Vehicle Crime and Dog Fouling

Now we all know that CCTV is there to help in the fight against crime. Vehicle crime is a particular evil and CCTV has led to many successes against criminals, who operate in this arena.

That said, who would have thought that CCTV could help to deal with vehicle crime and dog fouling? Well, it has happened!

In the video below, we see a young lady walking her dog. She keeps the dog on a small area of grass until it defecates. She then does the right thing and cleans up.

Things then go awry. The video shows that there is a lack of bins in the street. What then is the most obvious thing to do? Simple, throw the bag of excrement into a parked car; and why not!?

This crass act of criminal damage is somewhat perplexing. I can only assume that the fine for not cleaning up exceeds the penalty for criminal damage to a car. Further argument for removing dog fouling from the statute books? I don't know but will always make sure my car windows are shut when I park up!


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