Friday, May 25, 2012

A Teenager Battles The Red Rubber Band Menace!

This report had slipped through the net but better late than never!

Hats off to teenager Georgia Carter, who has taken the fight to the streets of Watford. Georgia went out and picked up a load of red rubber bands only to find more in their place in the following days. Concerned for the effect the discarded bands have on the environment, Georgia has decided to research the topic in school for her citizenship studies and raise awareness of the issue - in a bid to combat the problem.

Not content with her own efforts, she has brought her 5 year old sister into the battle: “During the weekend, I went out for a walk with my five-year-old sister and came across 57 rubber bands strewn across the pavement, some in heaps of five and more". This is enough to scar a teenager for life. I thought we had it tough in the seventies but having to cope with red rubber bands on the pavement is just a step too far!

The comments following the article include a lot of support and an observation from a disgruntled former employee.

Just as it looked like the topic had gone cold, we see a resurgence of interest!

Article here.

While on the topic, if you think we're obsessed here, have a look at this gallery of red rubber band pictures. If these people were Premiership, we would be in the Conference League! Pictures here.

The battle is still on!


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