Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Lets get the perp !!

I appreciate that some people think its funny watching people "loose it" over dog fouling - I like a laugh just as much as the next man - but sometimes dog fouling can push some people too far and then someone gets hurt ...

Take a look at this man.

Doesn't look much does he? 

But he is the #1 suspect for a recent assault that took place in Rustington, West Sussex, UK where a dispute over dog fouling boiled over into violence.

In the early evening a 48 year old local man witnessed the suspect's golden retriever leaving a deposit on the pavement. Being the good citizen that he was, he asked the suspect to clean up after his dog. The suspect refused and a heated argument started, during which the suspect pushed the victim over, breaking his ankle.

The suspect is described as a white, aged about 65, 5' 6' to 5' 8' of stocky build with a distinctive white pointed goatee beard and wearing a baseball cap, a green bomber jacket with blue jogging bottoms with white stripes down the sides and trainers.

PC Stuart McAdams from Sussex Police said, "Someone must know who this man is as he is very distinctive". Anyone who saw what happened or has any information as to who this man is should contact Sussex Police on 0845 60 70 999 quoting serial 1344.

Come on Dog Fouling & Red Rubber Band followers - spread the word and lets get this man for Sussex Police !! :-)


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