Sunday, April 29, 2012

Why Should Dog Fouling Be Curbed?

I'm sure that our loyal followers and readers will already have an answer to this question. I could write a book on the need to combat this menace. I have also had time to ponder on this subject and realise that the proliferation of excrement can lead to a real breakdown in society.

There can be nothing more destructive than the creation of territory, which is fertile for the development of deviant sexual behaviour. It might be that you cannot imagine excrement and erotic behaviour in the same thought. Just as I was, you would be wrong.

This report in the Packet is a little old now. The very not funny aspect of this is that the individual concerned killed a cow by burning a shed down. For that alone he should burn forever.

Relevant to this blog is the urge he clearly feels to link excrement to sexual pleasure. It goes without saying, therefore, that perversion will increase exponentially to the amount of dog faeces on the streets, parks etc.

The Packet tells the story here, while the Mirror tells us the sentence (two years) here.

I hope your stomachs are strong enough to take this!


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