Thursday, April 26, 2012

Can You Identify This Individual?

Can you help to identify this individual?

Mike Hudston has videoed this person allowing his/her dog to foul the grass under Mike's bedroom window without clearing up!

Wiltshire is clearly blighted as we know everywhere else is. Mike has had enough (and has tweeted about this). We have had enough!

It's time to unite!

Mikes blog can be found here.

Together, we are powerful!


Michael Hudston at 28 Apr 2012, 20:07:00 said...

Just to make things clear, I dont normally video Dog Poo. They just happened to wander infront of my CCTV

Peter Arronsen at 28 Apr 2012, 20:38:00 said...


That's fine, no need to clarify. Videoing such events is merely the fulfillment of a natural desire.


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