Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Removal of Dog Faeces - Fling It Away!

A minimal amount of research on the internet reveals that there is a commonly used, ingenious way of getting rid of dog faeces. It's really simple, throw them into the road or onto neighbouring property!

I really have to admire the gentleman in the first video. He allows the dog to defecate and then clears throwing the faeces into the road! Whether or not he hits the car is a matter of conjecture but I am impressed at the way he uses his bare hand and then cleans his hand on the grass, applying the "sniff test" to make sure that it is suitably clean. Who needs soap and water?

The second video shows a man, who clearly wishes to share everything with his neighbours. He doesn't even throw the faeces far enough away to avoid the smell, he simply litters the neighbour's garden - and why not?

If we follow this type of reasoning, we can do away with the need for refuse collection, we need simply toss all of our rubbish into neighbouring gardens and public areas. This should at least result in a reduction in council tax!


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