Sunday, January 23, 2011

Councillor John Taylor, Dunkinfield Ward, Tameside. Make What You Can of This!

As you will all be very aware, we have zero interest in politics here. In fact, we are so politically illiterate that we would even consider forming a coalition government (joke!).

Politics does, however, bring us to the subject of councillor John Taylor, a Labour councillor for Dunkinfield ward in Tameside. Look at that smiling face to the left. This is surely a calm and reasoning man. Not someone, who would react in anything other than a genteel manner.

Needless to say, things are never that clearcut. The picture above paints a different story. John is clearly something of a controversial figure. I would urge you to read the article here, and here. If all that doesn't confuse you, then have a look at John's website here and then tell me that all in the world is easy to understand!

"So how does this affect us" I hear you cry. Well, you guessed it, John has dipped his toe into the dog fouling arena!

The Tameside Advertiser reports on the discontent caused by dog restriction orders, which appear to have been sponsored by John and others.

Enoch Powell famously declared that "all political careers end in failure". Take heed of this, John, especially as you watch the video below, where it appears that one of your voters is unlikely to back you in the future.


Peter Arronsen at 27 Jan 2011, 20:21:00 said...

Dash it, the video is no more! Is this dark forces at work?

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