Sunday, January 16, 2011

The American Way v The British Way - which is better ?

I'm always fascinated at the different ways that different countries deal with the problem of dog fouling - the USA & UK do it so differently from each other.

Pierre Verrier is an animal control officer for the Brookline district in Boston, USA. Late last year he was out on patrol in Larz Anderson Park monitoring the dog walkers when he saw local man, David Maurer, allow his dog to defecate on the grass and not pick up.

Verrier immediately sprung into action and told Maurer he needed to pick up. Maurer agreed to do so. Not content with this, Verrier maintained observations and saw Maurer leave the park without bagging the poo. Verrier then followed Maurer to his home and issued him with a citation.

Job done - or so Verrier thought.

A short time later, Verrier was waiting at a red light on his way back to the crime scene when a black car pulled up next him. Out got Maurer, carrying a bag of dog faeces and started banging on the car window.

Verrier rolled down his window and asked Maurer what was wrong, at which point Maurer shoved the contents of the bag into Verrier's face. After a short scuffle, Maurer was arrested and charged with assault and battery on a police officer and assault with a dangerous weapon !!

Now compare this direct and immediate action by the Americans to that of the UK Police ...

Nigel David Hesmondhalgh (I kid you not - that is his real name!) from Accrington, Lancashire, UK has recently been given a 2 year ASBO banning him from throwing dog faeces after subjecting his neighbours to such behaviour for 4 years - yes you heard right - 4 years!!!

I accept that in some cases the police have been known to drag their feet in dealing with anti-social behaviour, but this is downright lazy.

Can you imagine Pierre Verrier taking 4 years to deal with a dog poop problem? I don't think so.


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