Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Better Medway

Medway Council has joined the campaign. When I first saw this reference to the Love Medway campaign, I assumed that the government had agreed to allow the armed forces to use the area for target practice.

As it happens, I wasn't far out! The local authority has chosen Community Officer Jonathan Aston to highlight the issue of dog fouling by making a video for the public.

Having studied this video, I have concluded that Jonathan is not a member of Equity, although this could mark his first steps on the long and rocky road to stardom. I was particularly struck by the way Jonathan gestures towards a dog mess bin, which is not visible on camera. I remember the same thing happened when I was filmed in the company of five scantily clad, beautiful young women, who could not take their eyes off me. Sadly, they were also off camera. A very clever editing technique.

Let's hear it for Jon!


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