Thursday, November 26, 2009

Take the time to watch this video right through. I just love the comments that the male demonstrator and the camera woman make throughout this promotion video for Stool Tool!

"Beautiful", says the camera woman. "Just spear it", he replies, "even if its as big as a giant hot dog".

"This is real poop, not watered down", he continues, before hitting us with the best line yet, "there is residual poop in between our teeth".

The website is just as good - for only $6.95 you can pick up "soft, mushy or EVEN runny poop!" without "splitting open or smearing the poop".

The Stool Tool picks up ANY poop - big, little, hard or mushy. Even picks up poop that has been stepped on and smashed into the grass!
Remember Christmas is just around the corner - order yours today :-)


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