Saturday, November 07, 2009

Cash for crap

The streets of Taiwan must be pretty dirty for its government to announce a new cash-for-trash policy that will pay its citizens for collecting & bringing in dog poo. That, or the island nation has an obsession with dog fouling cleanliness.

Taiwan's Environmental Protection Bureau announced that it would give "100 Taiwan dollars ($3) for one kilogram (2lbs) of dog excrement collected".
The only problem I see is for owners of small dogs. My little Lakeland Terrier, for example, does tiny "rabbit dropping" poos. It would take me well over a month to collect enough of his dog poo to merit a trip to the weighing centre to collect my $3. There is no way I am going to hang onto his faeces until I have enough to haul it to a centre to collect my money.

Other people are more lucky !!

With Taiwan being a small island of only 245 miles long and having an estimated 180,000 stray dogs I can see some people making a mint from shit.

If I lived in Taiwan, I would definately do it. Could it work in your town ?


Peter Arronsen at 8 Nov 2009, 19:40:00 said...

I wonder how closely this relates to the ongoing tension between Taiwan and mainland China?

While I have no view on the politics, I am aware that using neuclear weapons so near to home would not be sensible for either side. I can, however, imagine dog faeces being fired across the Taiwan Strait. The governement is saving it for some reason. That's what I call mutually assured destruction!

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