Monday, November 23, 2009

Nottinghamshire Police Tolerate No Messing

Richard Edwards is the Crime Correspondent for the Daily Telegraph. This newspaper is renowned for its right of centre politics. Richard's profile on the Daily telegraph website describes his activities as follows:

"As The Daily Telegraph's Crime Correspondent, Richard Edwards writes about the victims and perpetrators of crime, policing issues and the politics of Scotland Yard. In the past four years he has reported on the London bombings, the disappearance of Madeleine McCann and the G20 protests."

So, is Richard focused on burglary, robbery or even murder? No, not at all! Richard has gone directly to the heart of the criminal conduct, which is destroying our society.

Yes, you guessed it, Richard has lashed out at dog fouling!

As Richard reports:

"The area where the dog mess problem has been reported, Retford, records an average of more than 20 violent offences, burglaries and vehicle crimes every month. However in meetings with the police, the community has requested officers to make one of their top priorities the fouling issue.

Pc Steve Meredith said: “While dog fouling is not strictly a police matter, our role as a beat team is to tackle the concerns of local residents. If that means us working with partners to address a local issue for the benefit of my local community, I am happy to do it."

Well reported, Richard and well said Steve! Thank goodness a national broadsheet is now taking this seriously!

Richard's article can be read here: Police treat dog mess as crime priority.

This is followed up on the Nottinghamshire Police website as follows: Dog Owners Could End Up In Fine Mess.

I can only speak for myself but I feel safer and significantly reassured by these efforts.


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