Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Local Press Gets To The Heart of Issues, Which Matter!!!!!!!

The News Shopper is a well known local paper to those of us in and around the South London/North Kent areas.

For anyone, who doubts the authenticity of this post Vigo Village really exists. Information can be found here.

The News Shopper has really hit where it matters. All around this article are links to stories about violence and criminal activity. The headline grabber, however, is a story about how the local people took the subject that matters to the local police:

A police survey found dog fouling was an issue in the area and people wanted more dog bins in busy dog-walking areas

The installation of dog fouling bins is headline news in this community.

Never mind criminal damage, to heck with theft or burglary, let's get that excrement into those bins!

See the full story here.


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